So, you've met the owl . . . with the attitude. He's our Wine Snob* ambassador.
He does a pretty good job, don't you think? That feather-do, that bowtie.
Especially that eye-roll.

What the owl is trying to say is, you don't have to be a wine snob to enjoy wine. You don't need to use words like "velvety tannins" and "hint of lychee on the nose" to describe a wine. And there's no wrong answer to the question, "What do you think about this wine?" The only thing that matters is whether you like it.

That's why we're "Wine Snob" with an asterisk - you make the rules. So, don't let the wine snobs get you down!

(If you are a wine snob, that's okay, too. It is pretty fun to say "velvety tannins." Embrace that inner wine snob, but try not to impose it on everyone around you - when you say you think our Tempranillo tastes faintly like leather saddle, don't expect anyone else to know what you're talking about. After all, they didn't go saddle-licking with you last weekend. And, if you get a strange look, just know that you're the odd one.)


When we buy a bottle of wine, our priorities are taste, quality, and cost. We want a bottle of wine that's yummy, interesting, unadulterated, and reasonably priced. And, that's what we want to offer to you.

So, we search long and hard for wines that we would look forward to sipping around a camp fire or enjoying with our favorite meals, and - most importantly - that we think taste above their price point. Take our 2016 Chardonnay, for example. It pairs equally well with mac and cheese or fancy grilled halibut with asparagus and beurre blanc, and although we sell it for $17 a bottle, we think it holds its own against more expensive bottles.
That's how we knew we had to have it.

We also source our wines from wineries and winemakers who put quality first. They use sustainable farming practices, and they don't doctor their wine to make it taste a certain way; they just let the grapes and the barrels do their thing.

Of course, in addition to having yummy, high-quality wine, it's nice to have a pretty label. So, thank you, feathered friend, for gracing us all with your presence.


Shipping available to California, Minnesota, Nevada, and Washington, D.C.

2016 Chardonnay

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2016 (T)rebelrouser

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2015 Tempranillo

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We're always on the lookout for another yummy wine to add to our lineup. A Grenache could be interesting. Or a Sauvignon Blanc. Ooh, maybe a Cabernet Franc. Why not a Sangiovese or a Zinfandel?

Hmmm . . . the owl seems to be particularly interested in a rosé. Or something bubbly. Maybe a bubbly rosé. Or, maybe it's a Gewürztraminer. (Sometimes, it's hard to tell what would make him happy.)

Anyway, when we find it, we'll be sure to let you know! In the meantime, follow @snobbyowl on Instagram.